Who is our audience?

Representatives of Credit industry, specialising in various sectors, such as alternative lending, mortgages, utilities and telecoms, car finance, trade credit, collections and others, including general financial and investment services professionals. We target decision makers of the industry and engage C-level professionals to build a solid credit industry network.

What is our traffic?

We get 12000 unique users monthly on average, with sector-specific peaks depending on our organised events.


Average pages per session: 5.82
Regional focus: UK
Bounce rate: <3%

Where does the traffic come from?

Our main traffic sources are:

1. Organic search, driven by content marketing/online publishing
2. E-mails, driven by our own event marketing, rich with solid data of loyal event attendees
3. Social media, driven by LinkedIn page and credit group, and Twitter engagement


Your most common Creative Type - JPEG, PNG or Animated Gif at various sizes - Full Banner, MPU, Button etc.

Sizes (150 DPI):

Expanded Banners

A banner which spring-boards a larger image - usually cascading from top - to expand to fill a large part of the viewable area - need to assign button icons for expand / close icons.


A base peer-up banner - that moves up into position from the base of the screen - because of the animation component, this element is intended for laptop / desktop and not really for lower mobile breakpoints.


We can add the smaller sizes of our ads in our newsletters. Ideally, you should use the 'full banner' specifications below.

Sticky Footer

A sticky banner which is anchored to the base of the screen - ideal for mobile format breakpoints - often used in conjunction with Meerkat, so that Meerkat is for larger breakpoints while Sticky Footer replaces Meerkat on lower level breakpoint mobile devices. Sticky Footer is also often used for Mobile in place of ’Frieplace Campaign’ which can dominate desktop screen, for mobile, sticky footer acts as a in impactful equivalent - without overly skewing the screen real-estate.


Our websites support JS ads in 'Asynchronous' format to work with Affino. Nonetheless, we cant provide click stats for custom scripts.

The advantage of the asynchronous code is that it's guaranteed never to get in the way of other parts of our web page loading. This means that users will be able to load the content of your pages, even if they’re having trouble loading the ads. In particular, mobile users will enjoy less latency when loading web pages.

Contact Us

Shard Media Group
020 7940 4840

Credit Strategy
020 7940 4835

Reward Strategy
020 7940 4801
Shard Financial Media, a fast-growing business serving key communities in UK and Pan-European financial services.We have a respected presence in consumer and commercial lending, collections and credit management, payroll and rewards, and turnaround, restructuring and insolvency (TRI) – and the list is growing all the time.