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Safety Policy

Here at Credit Strategy, we have been monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic closely and have been working with major venues, industry associations, health & safety experts, local authorities and other event organisers to ensure a safe environment for our members.

The health & safety of our community remains our number one priority. Lockdown restrictions are easing in other countries and events are resuming. Credit Strategy are pleased to announce details of our ‘safety policy’.

Running safe, secure and successful events is something we already have significant experience in.

Since April our Covid-19 Health & Safety Team have been adapting our Health & Safety measures. The policy outlines extra measures we are including across our portfolio of events, these are in addition to our usual health & safety measures we already have in place.

In addition to our Safety Policy, we will follow local government guidance and laws, as well as venue and industry-specific requirements.

We want to educate the industry and bring people together, our ‘member safety policy’ allows us to do just that, in a safe and responsible way.

Social distancing

Exhibitors: We will provide enhanced guidelines to assist exhibitors and contractors in the set-up and break-down of events, tailored to each venue and location.

Attendees: Standards will be applied across all our events to ensure that we have an appropriate number of people at the venues. We have a number of measures that we can employ, including limiting the number of guests, staggering event timings, staggering admissions and making changes to the floor plan to create more space and prevent overcrowding. Whatever we do will be tailored to the venue, event type and location.

Meeting Areas: All rooms will be set up according to the social distancing guidance in place at the time of the event.

No Handshake Policy: We will request no direct contact between people in accordance with government guidance at the time. We will limit printed materials at our events and provide digital alternatives where possible.

Cleaning and hygiene

Enhanced cleaning: We will work with the venues to offer an enhanced cleaning regime throughout each event. Microphones and Lecterns will be cleaned after each speaker.

Personal hygiene: Hand sanitisers will be made available around event spaces, including entrances, catering areas and toilet facilities.

Protect and detect

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): It is mandatory for all visitors, exhibitors, colleagues and suppliers to attend wearing masks. Limited stock of gloves and masks will be available upon request. Where such measures are enforced by local or national governments for use in public areas, they will be mandatory at our events. We will communicate this in advance, along with a reminder of our responsibility to keep all visitors safe by denying entry to those who are unable or unwilling to comply with all health and safety measures employed by us or the venues.

Enhanced First Aid & Medical Support: This will be available across all our events, as well as dedicated quarantine areas.

Sneeze guards: We will use physical glass or plexiglass dividers at some venues however, we will be providing staff with face visors or masks at busy areas including help desks and registration.

Updates and communication

We are monitoring Covid-19 developments very closely and will communicate further updates as they relate to our events and as the situation develops. We are committed to keeping all members, safe at our events. These updates will be communicated via our websites and emails, in event manuals and at registration and help desks, and through event signage and announcements.

If you have any specific event questions, please refer to the event website and contact your customer engagement manager. We look forward to welcoming you to our events in the future.




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